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We are a network of strong and active women who practice antitrust in Brazil


With diverse origins and activities in the field of competition law, we have lawyers, academics, economists, civil servants.


We are women who aim at improving the understanding and application of antitrust, seeking to promote female protagonism in the private, public, and academic sectors.


The main objective of the book " Women in Antitrust " is to produce a compilation of works to become a reference in the field of competition law, and to empower women in antitrust.

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WIA Podcast 

WIA podcast  aims at exploring various topics of antitrust law and strengthening the network of women experts in the antitrust community. 

In 2022 the international version of the WIA Podcast was launched. Don't miss this initiative!



With the goal of helping women at the beginning of their careers interested in working with antitrust law, WIA organized the " WIA Mentorship " initiative, now in its 2nd edition.  

WIA Juniors


Another WIA initiative that seeks to insert women at the beginning of their studies or career in the world of competition law.

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Reading suggestions

Our best suggetions of antitrust doctrine. 

Check out our list!

WIA seminars and webinars

WIA seminars and webinars

Audiência e Conferencista

Seminars held by WIA 

WIA seminars and webinars



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