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#chameumaWIA is an initiative of the Women In Antitrust network that aims to promote the presence of women in events in the area of ​​Competition Law.


Do you want to know this work better?


Watch the video below:

Are you an organizer and looking for big names in the Antitrust area to compose your event?

Access below a list of names and contacts of competent and highly qualified women who work in Competition Law:

Do you know any event organizer and would like to share with them a list containing the names of the professionals listed above?

Access below a complete spreadsheet containing the name, mini CV and contact information of the participants of #chameumaWIA.

Do you work in the area of Competition Law and also want to be presented to the market and event organizers through the WIA network?

Fill out the form below with your academic and professional information and we will do the rest, indicating your name and your skills on our social networks:

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