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Our mission is to bring women together in the field of antitrust with the aim of exchanging theoretical and technical knowledges in the legal field, as well as career experiences, leadership, inclusion, visibility and professional respect. With this, we expect to strengthen the role of women in antitrust in Brazil, and, thereby, provide better professional opportunities and decrease inequalities related to representativeness, leadership and salary levels.

We are the only organization created with the purpose of fostering female leadership in antitrust. In the last years, we have stood out for our rapid growth, institutionalization, and activities, which include discussions in social networking forums, organization of seminars and other events, preparation of studies on female representation, edition and publication of books, mentoring programs, and podcast.



Our main value is the sorority among the participants, considering the different realities in which they all belong.

Our practices are guided by equality, respect to differences, and cooperation among its members, aiming at promoting integration among women who work with antitrust law with professionalism, generosity, creativity, courage, optimism, confidence, resilience, boldness, and integrity.

Thus, we will continue to promote the progress of women’s careers in the antitrust filed, and we count on the participation of all.

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